People in Japan Can’t Dance

…not unless they want to risk getting cuffed and kicked out of the club.

tsuki September and Fading Friendships while Living in Japan

My favourite part of this month’s magazine is a story called “The Next Offensive” by Peter Able. It’s about two friends chilling playing some video games online, but as the story goes on you can see the subtle distance that’s started to grow between them.

Super Fun Time Tokyo Summer 2012

Some of the highlights of super fun time Tokyo summer 2012 have been:

Crossing Izu Peninsula off my places to go list, Finally going to Kamakura, My first trip to Tokyo Disneyland and facing off with insect after insect until I finally reached the end boss — giant cockroach.


A Letter from the Assistant Editor

I’m proud to say tsuki magazine vol. 4 has officially debuted!


Quirky Japan: The Delightful and Disturbing

There is some stuff going on here that just makes me scratch my head like…”huh?” Some of it is charming, but some of it is just like “whoa…what? OK, no…no!” You know? Let me give you some examples.

Kinkakji, the "golden temple"

Golden Week 2012: Kickin’ it in Kyoto

I think I did Kyoto wrong. Yeah, I visited temples, petted the deer in Nara, drank from a magic waterfall that’s supposed to give me luck in love (and I think it worked ;) ), but maybe I built Kyoto up too much in my head.

Tsuki Magazine

Tsuki Magazine Takes You Inside Japan

It’s got engrossing Japan-themed fiction and nonfiction including my very first published story!


Golden Week 2012: What Happened in Hiroshima?

Oh, the stories I have to tell about Hiroshima!

Cherry Blossoms Blue Sky

Another Reason I’m Still Here: Hanami!

This is the stuff lifelong memories are made of, and will probably be one of my fondest memories of my time in Japan when I leave.

Hip Hop in Japan

Hip Hop in Japan

Last week I had a chance to get up close and personal with the hip hop scene in Japan at hip hop artist Kojoe’s album preview party.

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