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There’s Nowhere Like Nikko

I can’t recommend Nikko enough to any of you looking to come out to Japan. If you get the chance, go!


Hanging out in Hongdae, Seoul

Even though I’ve always had some apprehension about visiting Korea, I was pleasantly surprised by Hongdae, a place full of art and fashion, friendly people and fantastic food


Okinawa: Japan’s Offbeat Islands

Okinawa is an idyllic island paradise…with a dark and saddening past.


Tokyo Where to Go: Spa LaQua

Last year I was going on about Tokyo Dome City, and how I just had to one day try out the hot spring and spa nearby. Well my friends, it took a year but I made it out there with a couple of friends recently.

Kinkakji, the "golden temple"

Golden Week 2012: Kickin’ it in Kyoto

I think I did Kyoto wrong. Yeah, I visited temples, petted the deer in Nara, drank from a magic waterfall that’s supposed to give me luck in love (and I think it worked ;) ), but maybe I built Kyoto up too much in my head.


Golden Week 2012: What Happened in Hiroshima?

Oh, the stories I have to tell about Hiroshima!

Cherry Blossoms Blue Sky

Another Reason I’m Still Here: Hanami!

This is the stuff lifelong memories are made of, and will probably be one of my fondest memories of my time in Japan when I leave.

Hip Hop in Japan

Hip Hop in Japan

Last week I had a chance to get up close and personal with the hip hop scene in Japan at hip hop artist Kojoe’s album preview party.


Whoa…I Wanna See That! (Another Top 7)

Since coming to Japan people keep recommending places to go, or I keep reading about people’s trips on other blogs, and now I have a ridonculous list of places I really want to see! Places like

Fishing at Zauo

Fishing in Shinjuku? Who Knew?

Check out this restaurant where you catch what you eat.

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