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Whoa…I live in a Manshon in Tokyo?

Yes that’s right. I live in a real, honest to God Manshon…


Japan’s Rising Reggae Star

My girl Monique is a soulful reggae songstress and she’s just put out a video! Reggae has a huge following in Japan and Monique has a killer voice, so I’m sure she’ll be “big in Japan” pretty soon!


Funny Stories on Being a FOB in Japan

I am still such a FOB out here.

Black History Month in Tokyo

Last night I had the chance to get together with my fellow expats of African descent and do some cultural exchanging at Free Your Mind 2013

People in Japan Can’t Dance

…not unless they want to risk getting cuffed and kicked out of the club.

tsuki September and Fading Friendships while Living in Japan

My favourite part of this month’s magazine is a story called “The Next Offensive” by Peter Able. It’s about two friends chilling playing some video games online, but as the story goes on you can see the subtle distance that’s started to grow between them.


Quirky Japan: The Delightful and Disturbing

There is some stuff going on here that just makes me scratch my head like…”huh?” Some of it is charming, but some of it is just like “whoa…what? OK, no…no!” You know? Let me give you some examples.


Is Japan a Small Step Away from Becoming a Utopia?

Camaraderie. Fellowship. These are good things, are they not? The very core of the concept of world peace. Everyone doing everything together, supporting one another — it sounds pretty good to me.


Life is Puzzling

Sometimes you find a piece that looks like it should fit, but when you go to put it down, it’s just a little off. It’s tempting to leave it there, but there is another piece somewhere in that daunting pile that fits perfectly.


Is This Why Japanese Women Quit Work After Marriage?

There’s a particular conversation with one of my students that really hit home, and made me feel uncomfortable, even sad. She was telling me about her amazing, “dream job” as the editor of a magazine. The way she glowed when she talked about it, I could tell she really loved it.

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