Happy New Year! New Year, New Blog

Like a phoenix, from the ashes of this blog’s demise rises Novel Metropolis


There’s Nowhere Like Nikko

I can’t recommend Nikko enough to any of you looking to come out to Japan. If you get the chance, go!


Whoa…I live in a Manshon in Tokyo?

Yes that’s right. I live in a real, honest to God Manshon…


Hanging out in Hongdae, Seoul

Even though I’ve always had some apprehension about visiting Korea, I was pleasantly surprised by Hongdae, a place full of art and fashion, friendly people and fantastic food


Okinawa: Japan’s Offbeat Islands

Okinawa is an idyllic island paradise…with a dark and saddening past.


Japan’s Rising Reggae Star

My girl Monique is a soulful reggae songstress and she’s just put out a video! Reggae has a huge following in Japan and Monique has a killer voice, so I’m sure she’ll be “big in Japan” pretty soon!


Funny Stories on Being a FOB in Japan

I am still such a FOB out here.


Tokyo Where to Go: Spa LaQua

Last year I was going on about Tokyo Dome City, and how I just had to one day try out the hot spring and spa nearby. Well my friends, it took a year but I made it out there with a couple of friends recently.

Black History Month in Tokyo

Last night I had the chance to get together with my fellow expats of African descent and do some cultural exchanging at Free Your Mind 2013

How Long Are You Gonna Stay in Japan?

While I’m having the time of my life here there’s something about expat life, at least for me, that feels like a detour. I’ve even had some expat friends compare living here to being in university again, but with more money.

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