Black History Month in Tokyo

Last night I had the chance to get together with my fellow expats of African descent  and do some cultural exchanging at Free Your Mind 2013, a yearly get together celebrating Black History Month. It was nice to be able to meet other expats and mingle with the Black community in Tokyo…and to eat!

Soul Food

I ate it all in exactly 4 minutes 53 seconds

I was all over that soul food plate like I was a thirteen year old girl from the suburbs and it was Justin Bieber.

There was a big turnout, the place was packed! Aside from the delicious food there were performances–singing and spoken word poetry. There was also a Black history trivia quiz, and a salsa lesson that turned into something like the cha cha slide.

The Crowd at Free Your Mind 2013

The Crowd at Free Your Mind 2013

I had a fabulous time, and if I’m still in Tokyo next year I’ll definitely be going again.

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5 Responses to Black History Month in Tokyo

  1. Is this a new event? Man, where was this while me and a friend where in Japan!? We would have loved to pop in there! LOL. I’m glad to see these type of things going on, especially since a lot of expats regardless of race seem to hate on other expats for whatever reason. Glad you had a good time there. :)

  2. Anna says:

    What a pity I missed the event! The food looks absoluteley delicious!

  3. Alyse says:

    Oh man does that sound like a good time. We don’t have anything like that in Osaka and no places for soul food either. One of the few I’ve ever desperately wanted to get to Tokyo :)

  4. AzstroBoii says:

    Wow didn’t know Japan had these kinds of functions i can’t wait too visit… I’m dying to visit actually

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