A Letter from the Assistant Editor

In the August 2012 issue of tsuki magazine, I didn’t write an official letter from the editor. I figured I’d leave that up to the boss lady, miss Caroline Josephine, the mastermind behind tsuki magazine.

Me working on tsuki magazine

But with CJ gone on a pilgrimage back to her motherland, America, it was up to me to put on the editor hat and get all that juicy content, sent in from contributors all round the world out into the internets. It was an amazing challenge! And I’m proud to say tsuki magazine vol. 4 has officially debuted.

I had more fun than a mouse in a chunk of Swiss cheese (awwww!) designing and editing this issue. More and more people are asking to be contributors, and the content keeps improving in quality. And we over at tsuki learn a little more with each issue about how to make the magazine better.  I’m really excited to see how far this magazine can go.

Thank you, Thank you and thank you again to everyone who contributed, purchased, tweeted, facebooked, and otherwise helped push tsuki into its 4th issue!

Get a sample of the August issue here.





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