This is What Makes Blogging Worthwhile

This is What Makes Blogging WorthwhileEvery once in a while I get emails asking for advice from people who are thinking about moving to Japan. And one of my readers, Josh, was so thankful that when he ended up in Japan on business this month he wanted to meet up!

I said yes and we went out for his first ever Japanese curry.  Then we went on a souvenir Kit Kat hunt in Shinjuku, but unfortunately the only interesting flavours we could find were green tea and white chocolate.

After that were massages courtesy of the massage chairs at Labi electronics store. What I wouldn’t give to be able to afford one of those/fit it in my apartment. I think the attendant there had a good time practicing his English on us.

It was really cool to meet someone who I’d helped, and we had a great time and good conversation. Look me up whenever you’re in Japan, Josh!



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5 Responses to This is What Makes Blogging Worthwhile

  1. Steve says:

    That’s cool! Wanna meet up with another? I’m in Tokyo from Dec 23rd – Jan 4th

  2. Great to be able to help people out and no better feeling in the world.

    Japan Australia

  3. Josh says:

    To put your mind at ease, I found all different kinds of flavors at the airport, and I found that mug in Odaiba before I left. People were happy when I got back. Thanks for your help.

    • Amanda says:

      Ah I see, the aiport’s where all the cool kit kars are at. Good to know. Glad you made it home safely and it was great hanging out.

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