Blacks in Japan: Haircare Tips

If you’re a woman of African descent like me, and thinking about moving to Japan, I suspect there’s a certain concern on your mind: what the hell am I gonna do with my hair?

Just how do we black women living in Japan keep our beautiful, curly and unique hair looking supa dupa fly in a country where everyone else has not only different hair, but hair that is the exact opposite to ours?

Well, I wrote all about my own hair care experiences over at Surviving in Japan — a really useful blog with tips for everyday life in Japan for foreigners. I’ve benefited from many of the posts over there, like how to do a money transfer when the ATM will only allow you to do it entirely in Japanese, and where to find Tylenol and Aspirin. So when Ashley asked me if I wanted to do a guest post I knew it was time to pay it forward.

Here are my 4 Tips to Maintain Black Hair While Living in Japan. I wrote this post primarily for women because men tend to just chop it all off, especially if working in the conservative Japanese corporate structure, but there’s no reason why men couldn’t follow these tips as well. Head over to Surviving in Japan to check it out!


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6 Responses to Blacks in Japan: Haircare Tips

  1. Cool post. I’d like to link it to one of my posts if it’s ok.

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  3. K says:

    Spent three years in Japan (2007-2010). This was one of my main concerns! Thankfully a friend told me about China @ hayato. Yes they are a little pricey but the service and level of care she takes doing her job is worth it:)

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